About Us

We create a joyful and happy workplace culture.

smart human-care corporation
dedicated to technologies for human health.


Leader in the Medical ICT field
We invest heavily in technology research and development, having developed technologies including medical image A.I. interpretation, real-time face recognition, face warping and IoTs.

Partner for smart hospitals
We realize true Intelligent hospitals through intelligent patient management solutions – Precise Medical CRM and the IoTs for medical treatments.

Pioneer of next generation medical diagnosis
We establishe bridges between rural patients and doctors in large cities by high-tech telemedicine technology.


Our History

08 Signed a joint research contract with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (research topic: development and construction of the database of expert cervical image interpretation for the artificial intelligence interpretation)
05 The Buzzpole branch was established in China (北京宝之铂科技有限公司)
05 Signed a agreement related in precision medicine and intellectual property in Shanghai and Shenyang
05 “Cervical cancer medical image interpretation program based on the deep learning technology” was designated by the Small & Medium Business Administration as a business development project
05 Admitted as a membership in China of Incheon Creative Economy and Innovation Center
05 Selected as an overseas localization support project by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Institute (NIPA)
01 Registered as the foreign patient attracting industry (certificated by the Health and Welfare Department)

12 Increased registered capital (100 million won)
11 Selected as an Entrepreneurship development technology development business: Real-time 3D Simulation Technology Based on Face-off
05 Selected to exhibit in the K-Global Emerging Enterprise Exhibition: A New Generation Interpretation System Based on Deep Learning Technology
05 Selected as a K-ICT Emerging Technical Support Project: Customer Relationship Management Solution Based on Next Generation Remote Consulting System
01 Launch of hospital reservation system – “family doctor”

12 Selected as one of 300 K-Global emerging enterprises certified by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP)
12 Obtained venture company certification (technical assurance fund)
11 Participated in the “Creative Economy Expo” hold by MSIP in the Korea International Exhibition and Convention Center (COEX)
06 Selected as a K-ICT phased rechallenging project: Hospital Marketing Solution Based on Beacon technology
04 Developed medical image camera solutions for N medical foundation
03 Access to technical guarantee funds and start-up funds

12 Successfully developed the Beacon Positioning for the Second Lotte World: Lotte Hi-mart
11 Included in the cooperation company directory of NAVER application store Game Channeling
08 Developed cervical cancer screening system for the N medical foundation
07 Designated in the first batch of cooperative companies of NAVER application store

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